Seated with Christ

In Ephesians chapter 2 we see something critical about our salvation.
Verses 1-3 describe fallen humanity’s place before God as being: “Dead in Trespasses and sins.”
We lived our lives according to three basic authorities:
the world system
The Power of the Devil,
And, The Sin Nature
This passage sums up our state saying: “we were by nature children of wrath.”
The words “But God” in verse 4 turn the corner.
We learn about God’s possessions: He has a wealth of mercy
We learn His motivation: love
Finally, We learn God’s method: He spiritually brought us “together with” Jesus Christ.
These three “together” statements are of special importance to every believer.
When Jesus was raised from the dead – So were you.
When Jesus was ascended to heaven – So were you.
And now that Jesus is seated in Heaven so are you.
We will spend all eternity growing in understanding and amazement of His grace and goodness towards us in Christ. And that process doesn’t start later…it started the minute you trusted in Jesus.
This has been a minute for the Bible – thanks for listening