Good Health

Do you have a Minute for the Bible?

Hello and welcome to a Minute for the Bible
In Titus 2:1 Paul is giving Titus instructions for establishing and encouraging churches. He writes:
But as for you, speak the things which are proper for sound doctrine…
Titus is told to teach them verbally (Speak to them), and the content is to be what is proper for sound doctrine. The word translated “sound” translates the Greek word:
and is where we get our English word Hygiene – which we use to talk about cleanliness.
Hugiano, however, means “to be in good health”.
What we believe, teach and say is very important. Those things in keeping with the word of God will bring spiritual health and vitality to those who hear. By contrast, those things which are not in keeping with the truth of God’s word will bring spiritual malady upon the one who receives it. Put another way, our words can be healthy, delicious spiritual fruits and veggies or spiritual cyanide.
As we consider the things that we say today we might ask ourselves – “Will saying this encoruage others to good health in Christ?”
This has been a Minute for the Bible – thanks for Listening!